Monday, February 17, 2014

Live from Planet Unicorn

An example of Miro people from Deep Space Sparkle.
I've been having so much fun teaching my students about famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Joan Miro. They're really enjoying it, too! Kindergarten learned about Picasso and made Picasso-style self portraits. First and second grade both learned about Salvador Dali and made melting clocks. Second grade went on to draw their own surrealist dream drawings. First grade learned about Joan Miro and created Miro people.

I got the idea from this website The site is run by an art teacher and she has some really cool ideas related to Spanish artists so I've been trying to use what I can. So for the Miro people we saw a PowerPoint about Miro and saw some of his artwork. I made my own example Miro person for the kids to see and they got started drawing.

You may recall the student who thought that Salvador Dali lived in her house and buried gold in her front yard. She's very artistic and did not disappoint on this assignment. The actual assignment was to just draw a person using lines and shapes; no background or anything else. She sort of went nuts on her paper, but listening to her explain it was worth it. Just know that in the description of the picture, you start in the center, go to the left and work your way around in a clockwise fashion.

Me: Wow. Tell me what you've got here.
Girl: This is the mom and she's making breakfast. It's pancakes. And there's a ghost coming up from the pancake.
Me: A ghost coming out of the pancake?
Girl: From the steam.
Me: Oh, ok.
Girl: And here's a picture of her and her husband when they got married. And then here's a picture of her husband. And this is her arm and her hand. Here's a string she's holding and this is their baby. This is their puppy who's jumping. Wait, I forgot their kitty! (Draws a cat) And here's the kitty. And this, is Salvador Dali.
Me: There's certainly a lot going on there.

And this is why I love this girl. It has been said that she is from Planet Unicorn because she is so imaginative and happy. It's almost intoxicating. It doesn't matter what's going on, she'll just start singing or laughing and she'll draw or say the most hilarious things because that's what life is like on Planet Unicorn. I'm planning to retire there.

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