Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where Are They Now?

If you're curious as to where Miss Señorita Black has been this school year, the answer is working. Working on her Masters in Hoop Jumping I mean EdS degree and her new job as a high school Spanish teacher.
It was a rough summer. I had lost my job teaching Spanish at the elementary school level and found myself applying for everything under the sun. I was one day short of tenure in the district I taught in (and since my lack of tenure was only a technicality I was determined to get it). I had some interviews, but for awhile it was nothing but rejection. I was also pretty depressed about not being with my little kids I'd come to love.
In July, I was leaving an interview at a high school in my district when I checked 2 voicemails from a neighboring district. I'd interviewed for 2 middle school positions there, the first message was calling to let me know that I hadn't gotten the middle school jobs but that my name had been passed along to one of the 2 high schools. The second message was from the high school, wanting to set up an interview.
"I'm already in my interview attire," I thought, "and I don't want to put all this crap on again! Maybe they can see me today." I called them back and said I'd be there in 30-40 minutes. And then Google Maps, who has never steered me wrong, did just that. Google refused to take me to the front of the school, and only wanted to take me to the back entrance of the football field. After a fair amount of crying, cursing, and aimless driving, I arrived at the school. I was a solid 40 minutes late. But I rocked the interview and got the job.
Ever since then I've flipped into preparation mode, wrapping my brain around going for elementary to high school. I'm not joking when I say that I've been going nonstop. Plus I had a classroom to prepare! After 2 years on a cart, I have a home again!
The final exciting teachery note I have is that I opened a store on Teachers Pay Teachers and have been making some money selling the various worksheets, PPTs, etc. that I make for class. It's pretty fun and I think I'm a little addicted.
In closing, I have some quotes for this year so I'll try to start back up again soon.