Repite, Por Favor

I'm sure every career comes with phrases you say what feels like a million times, and teaching is no exception. Teaching can be quite repetitive! Sometimes I like to joke that I'd have some of these phrases carved on my tombstone...granted, I plan on being cremated because being buried seems silly and creepy but that's another story for my other blog.

  1. Why don't you have a pencil?
  2. Where is the pencil you've been using all day?
  3. You should always bring a pencil to Spanish class.
  4. I need you at a voice level zero.
  5. Is this a voice level one?
  6. You should be sitting crisscross applesauce, on your bottom.
  7. Why don't you let me finish my sentence and then see if you still have that question?
  8. Why is your hand raised? I haven't asked the question yet.
  9. Why did you do that? *quickly followed by:
  10. "I don't know"/A shrug is not an answer.
  11. Raise your hand if...put your hand down, you don't know what I'm going to say yet.
  12. Put your name on your paper. Is your name on your paper? Why isn't your name on your paper? If you haven't put your name on your paper, stop what your doing right now and put your name on your paper.
  13. You have (insert Spanish number between 1-10) minutos left. (To which there is at least one person who responds with, "How many is that?") *quickly followed by:
  14. Count to (insert that same Spanish number between 1-10) and then you tell me.

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